Our measures for your safety

We are cuurently closed until the 14th February 2021. You can still send an email our call us from 10.00 am 'til 06.00 pm.

Due to the current circumstances and the government’s decision we are obliged to follow some rules at the hotel and would kindly ask you to follow them to protect our guests as well as our staff

  • Stays that are meant for touristic causes are not allowed until14th February 2021. If you are traveling for business you are free to travel

  • Please wear a face mask when entering the hotel and while moving at the public areas
  • At the entrance you find a sanitizer and we are kindly asking you to disinfect you hands when entering the hotel
  • Please do not enter the house when you are feeling sick or have a flue
  • Keep a distance of 1,5m to other guests and to our staff
  • To track down the potential chain of infection we need to ask for some of your dates when entering the hotel and also from our restaurant visitors
  • Since we are not able to use all tables at the restaurant, we need to ask you to make a reservation for breakfast at check in

  • To lower the infection risk, we do not allow any external food at the hotel
  • Our restaurant is regularly opened again and offers a small menu

We thank you for your understanding and are looking forward to welcome you soon back again in Münster!